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Rin wanted us to all make blogs. I'm Argentum. Sup? I'm part of his "system" or Legion, as his friend has dubbed us. Things will appear here. Don't follow me if you have a problem with sarcasm, blunt honesty, or intelligence.
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My Pure Pleasure Parties by Aneirin "Sil" Pendragon

Hello, all! This is my Facebook page for my Direct Sales business of My Pure Pleasure products! If you’re interested in bedroom accessories (if you know what I mean ;3) and are in the Delaware area, like my page and send me a message and I can set up a party for you!

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Click here to support Send Rin to Field School in Belgium! by Aneirin Conor Pendragon


Hey, everyone, I’m trying to raise some money to get to a Field School in Belgium next year. Since I’m an independent student and have to pay everything on my own, the cost of this trip is basically what I make in six months. Please donate if you can, every little bit helps! If you can’t donate, I’ll really appreciate a signal boost! 

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